About Me

Hey there and welcome to my blog.

On this site I’d like to tell you who’s writing here.

My name is Stephan Lang and I’m in my early early thirties.

Despite my writing (or at least trying to write) in English, I’m from the most beautiful part of Germany which, of course, is Bavaria. There, in the small village called Titting, I live with my wife and our three children and enjoy a place where others come for vacations.

I’m a 2nd and 3rd Level IT admin for a medium-sized business. You’ll find my career and what I’m doing there on my Xing Profile.

Outside of work I’d like to play around with my arduino and go meet with like-minded at the Atmeg-Treff.

And when I’m done watching Star Trek or Stargate and can’t see any more code in front of me, I’ll go ride my bicycle or go swimming.

And now I’ve started this blog to write down my experience with otrs, a open source Helpdesk and ITSM Tool.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, go check out my Xing Profile, write an email to stephan dot lang at outlook dot com or maybe wait for the next FedCon to meet in person…

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