Starting a rudimentary HTML template and code minifier for Arduino IDE and ESP8266

For a current project, which might find its way here when finished, I’m using the esp8266 and the Arduino IDE. Thats not a huge thing these days and you can find many Tutorials about it online.

So after some playing around, my esp8266 is running a webserver and serving a site and a button on the site is toggling the LED.

Having some web dev background, the HTML part was not much of a problem, but the way the HTML, CSS and JS has to be embedded into the C code as Strings got me frustrated pretty fast. It’s just really┬áinconvenient to work with.

So I’ve set out to get this done the easy way, my goal is expand the Arduino IDEs build chain to process .html, .css and .js files from the project directory, minify them and convert each file to a variable within the source code file before it starts compiling.

Pert from the Arduino Forum has pointed me to hooks one can use to add steps to the build process, and first test have encouraged me to continue on this trek.

I will now setup me dev environment, to have this on git from the start and write another post as soon as I’ve made some progress…